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Most dab tools are a plain, straight device that looks like something out of a doctor or dentist’s toolkit. While these get the job done, a funky dab tool adds some flair and inevitably a bit more fun to the smoke session. These Ugly House Mary Jane dabbers feature a mix of cutesy stoner designs that have an Etsy vibe to them. Each tool is a color that matches the enamel decal on the top. There are 5 designs: a weed leaf smiley with x’s for eyes, a sign that says “don’t kill my HIGH”, two joints crossed in an X, a pink grinder that says “GRIND ON ME”, and a bright pink, two-toned bong. The dabbers stand upright in the white acrylic display that has the Ugly House logo front and center, with a little window at the bottom to show off the scoop. These are super fun designs that are sure to catch the eye, and make super easy upsell items because they are so trendy!
DAB TOOL | The Ugly House dab tool display is made up of 5 different colors that have a fun little enamel icon on the top. These are an often-overlooked accessory, so draw tons of attention to these by putting them in a highly visible place.
MARY JANE | The Mary Jane Collection designs are based on the smoke accessories sets also available from Ugly House. There is a light aqua weed leaf with a smiley face, a white sign that says “don’t kill my HIGH,” two joints that make an “X”, a pink grinder that says “GRIND ON ME”, and a bong that is two shades of bright pink. All are hand-painted in a matching color.
EASY HANDLING | These dab tools are made of high quality metal. The end that has the enamel design is pointed, and the opposite end is a round scoop for easy concentrate handling.
UGLY HOUSE | Ugly House products have a cute, Etsy vibe and are sure to be a hit with tons of your female customers. These fun designs are aesthetically-pleasing, and lend tons of in-store merchandising opportunities.
15CT DISPLAY | The dab tool display has 15 slots for the dabbers to stand upright. Made of white acrylic, this display has the Ugly House logo front and center and has a little window at the bottom to show off the scoops.


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