Scandal Bull Whip


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CalExotics Scandal Bull Whip is a wild pleasure toy for those nights you’re feeling extra naughty. Effortlessly plant biting taps on your submissive partner with the thrilling leather tassels and sturdy brocade handle. The chic designers crop’s hand-stitched handle helps to elevate pleasure and intensify arousal with every tantalizing brush of this beloved bull whip. Indulge in your wildest whims and gratify your deepest fantasies with this luxurious intense experience. Spice up your evening and explore your wild and kinky side as a couple with this versatile, pleasure-loving whip. The whip is designed for both beginners and experienced erotic lovers to deliver gentle slapping for those looking to explore or plant breath-taking blows that experienced fetishists crave. No matter how adventurous you’re feeling, this tantalizing flogger is here for every exhilarating fantasy. Since 1994, CalExotics has been the country’s leading pleasure products manufacturer and are dedicated to being a consumer-friendly brand for women. We understood that to truly encourage sexual wellness, the intimate toy industry needed to create products that enhance pleasure in your everyday life and cultivate a happier, more satisfied you. CalExotics has taken sexual toys from being gag gifts to creating a world of pleasure products for men, women and couples. By revolutionizing the way we see intimate products, CalExotics has been able to help everyone find confidence in their sexuality and promote sexual self-awareness. At CalExotics, we want you to expect more. Expect more passion, expect more romance and always expect more fun.