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HJ Silicone Ball Rings Black Blue


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Hunky Junk Duo Linked Cock and Ball Rings from Oxballs. Duo rings are a Hunky Junk original. Nobody has done this before! We made a chain link style set of interlocked rings designed to wrap around your cock and balls for hunkier junk! These super rubbery silicone blend rings are smooth and soft when used as a double cock ring without being too tight. We made them feel right! Or flip one ring down to grip your balls. It is all connected so any movement transmits from the base of your shaft to your ball sack. Hunky Junks goal is to innovate. We make cool toys that fit and feel amazing. Duo Cock Ball Rings is pure Hunky Junk. It is Huj! Our plus + silicone Thermoplastic Rubber TPR/silicone blend. Silicone for a smooth and warm feel, TPR for amazing stretch and strength. Phthalate free. Stats approximate: Ring #1 width 2.25 inches, height 2.25 inches, depth .5 inch, outer circumference 6.75 inches, inner circumference 3.75 inches. Ring #2: width 2.5 inches, height 2.5 inches, depth .5 inch. Outer circumference 7.5 inches, inner circumference 4.5 inches. Bulk weight 1.2 ounces. Color Cobalt Blue.

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