HARD AF Shots For Him


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Hard AF liquid shots take effect quicker than capsules because of a more concentrated formula. They usually take effect 10-15 minutes faster than the capsule formulation because capsules take a long time to break down and digest. The Hard AF liquid shot is almost immediately taking effect as soon as it’s ingested. Make sure to take this product with a full glass of water; it works faster and more effectively! We recommend refrigeration but it’s not necessary.

✓ Formulated for Men’s Optimal Sexual Performance, Pleasure & energy.

✓ 72 Hour Pure power

✓ Works Fast, Hits Hard & Lasts Long!

Take 1/2 to full bottle (double dose) with 12-16 ounces of water 30-45 minutes prior to sexual activity. For best results take 1 hour apart from other supplements and/or medications.


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