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The Unicorn Pipe is a ceramic pipe that looks like a mystical unicorn! This piece will bring a big of magic to every smoke session. The unicorn has a white body with gold stars and a rainbow mane and tail. Her horn is light blue, which is also the mouthpiece. The bowl sits just above her tail and is the same baby blue shade. This unicorn looks very pleased to be invited to the sesh; she is smiling with her eyes closed. We recommend taking these pipes out of the box to really show off all their fun details, but the Unicorn Pipe’s packaging is bright and colorful, too. It features a cartoon unicorn on the top and two sides and an actual image of the pipe on the other two sides. “Stay Magical,” as the box says, and this is sure to be a popular gift.

UNICORN | The Unicorn Pipe was made to look like a mystical unicorn. This is a large piece that measures 7” x 3.5” x 5.25”. It has a bowl piece that sits just above the tail, and the mouthpiece is the unicorn’s horn.
CERAMIC | The Unicorn Pipe is made entirely of ceramic. It was made all in one piece, so there are no attachments or extra pieces. It has a smooth finish and feels sturdy in hand.
NOVELTY | Novelty pipes like the Unicorn Pipe make great gifts, especially during the holiday season. The fun shapes will resonate with different customers, inspiring more impulse buys than the average piece.
PACKAGING | The Unicorn Pipe comes in a fun box that customers will want to keep. A cartoon unicorn is on the top, left and right sides, and says “Stay Magical” on the sides. The front and back sides show images of the actual pipe.
IN-STORE DISPLAY | Display all your Fashioncraft products together for a super fun, eye-catching in-store display! These pieces are bright, bold and colorful, and the more pieces with random shapes you can display together, the more attention you’ll attract to your displays.


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