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Sex Coach

Hey Sexy!
Welcome to my Coaching page.
Let’s Explore the wonderful world of pleasure together.

Ever since I can remember I had a curiosity for human sexuality.
This has increased much over the years especially after 2004 when my Dad first opened Sextasy.
Living on a small island I’ve quickly noticed the lack of proper information, knowledge and accessibility to sexual education.

In 2020 I had decided to certify myself as a Certified Sex Coach at the Lovelogy University.
This has granted me access to further develop my interest and bring it to my clients and community. I also continuesly take courses and read books on human sexuality, human physcology, safe sex practises, bdsm, lgbtq+ and many more.
I look forward to continue having healthy sex conversations and to encourage people to take their pleasure seriously and to enjoy it fully.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you soon!