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Welcome to our Loyalty Program.

We created this card especially for you, to show you our love & appreciation.

What are the benefits our Loyalty Program offer YOU?

– With every purchase you make, each AWG 1,- gets you 1 point

– Each point has a value of AWG 0,01

– Your points can be accumulated and used to make purchases or a deduction of your total.

– You also receive 1 point for each transaction!


A total purchase of AWG 100,- will give you 100 points

+ the 1 point for transaction totals you at 101 points

This converts to AWG 1.

After 10 purchases with us of ex AWG 100,- each time

You will have accumulated 1010 points which convert to AWG 10,10

– During the year we also offer special discounts to our Loyalty Program members.

– On selected holidays and dates we will also offer bonus points.

– Points can be redeemed whenever you want or accumulated to be used at the end of the


– As a member of the Loyalty Program, you will receive a hard copy card FREE of charge


The Loyalty Card can only be used IN STORE and NOT for online purchases

Cum Get Yours Today!